EXACTLENGTH PRO is a digital ruler with a motorized stop which is juxtaposed to cutting equipment such as a miter saw, a radial saw or even a drill press. Once installed and initialized, the user has only to enter the length of the piece to cut so that the stop positions...

The setting to zero is to determine the exact location of the blade against the stop of the saw and attribute the Zero measure (ex: 0 inches). There are two procedures to set to zero depending on if your installation requires or a marker or not...

Before starting the installation, be sure that the surface of the mounting table is at the same height as the deck of your saw. To attach the ruler quickly and easily to your work table, it is equipped with a T-Slot to accept 1/4-inch in diameter bolts provided...




New more robust stop which adds to the precision

november 2, 2015

Always wanting to innovate and meet the needs of our customers, EXACTLENGTH PRO has adopted a new stop much more robust while remaining removable. The latter is now provided with a lock with two tightening handles which allow it to hold in place...


EXACT LENGTH PRO gets a makeover on the Web

november 2, 2015

We are proud to present our new website. Our first goal is to make your visit even more pleasant and friendly. We have structured our website so that any general information is easily accessible from the home page through a multitude of links that send you secondary pages that...



EXACTLENGTH PRO ruler is a high precision measuring tool that improves quality and productivity while minimizing rejects. Lightweight and robust, EXACTLENGTH PRO follows you everywhere. It is easily installed on the support of your miter saw, either in the workshop or on a construction site.


Simple to use, this precision tool facilitates the work through its many functions. Storing multiple measures, measuring existing parts to duplicate and display in several units, imperial or metric, are just some of the possibilities offered by the EXACTLENGTH PRO ruler for cuts of up to 17 feet (5.1 meters ). The size of its LCD and its bright status indicator can quickly validate your steps to avoid errors and greatly enhance your cutting process.


Made of anodized aluminum with a silicone keyboard, this reliable and durable tool will become an essential asset to increase productivity and quality of your products. From a pioneering technology and patented, EXACTLENGTH PRO will guide you into a new era of intelligent and efficient tools.

Digital ruler with a motorized stop

Video 1: Product Overview


november 2, 2015

Its innovative features and its many features will help you to improve your productivity and to increase your profitability.

Video 2: Digital ruler with motorized stop EXACTLENGTH PRO

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Here's a video that explains the main features of EXACTLENGTH PRO digital ruler, its construction’s quality and its many functions.. You will also find an overview of the functions that make this...

Video 3: Quick Start Guide EXACTLENGTH PRO

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The quick start guide below shows, in simple steps, the procedure for using your ruler EXACTLENGTH PRO safely. Although technically advanced, the digital ruler with a motorized stop remains simple...

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Video 4: Installation of your product EXACTLENGTH PRO

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In this video you can follow step by step the installation for your digital ruler with  motorized stop EXACTLENGTH PRO . This ruler can be installed on several surfaces or tables. However, for this...

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